Buying Online Auctions

eBay and other Online Auction Bidding Tips

Congratulations! You found an item online that you want to buy on an online auction! You may feel excited, wanting not only the item, a low, price but also to win. Online auctions are a great resource to find items for amazing prices but be sure to follow these tips and tricks to stay focused and make good choices buying at online auctions. Rewards in Research It is important that you know about the item you are bidding on so that you are paying a reasonable value compared to the…

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Selling at Online Auctions

An online auction may be an avenue to explore when trying to clear some space in your garage, fundraise for your organization, or even just make extra cash. Selling at an online auction may seem overwhelming, but follow these basic steps, and you will be more prepared to succeed—and sell! Where to sell: pick the platform for you Before you get to selling, you will need to choose a platform that best fits your needs. We have a list of online auctions to look through for your convenience here. Keep…

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